Lean Muscle Gain Program

Aman Sharma

About This Course

The Lean Muscle Gain Program is about more than just increasing your protein intake and working out five days a week. It requires dedication, commitment, and relentless hard work. This program will help you increase your strength, build more muscle, burn more body fat, and get into the best shape of your life.

This routine uses a mix of bodyweight strength training, HIIT, Animal Flow, and core exercises to build muscle. The program will turn you into a fat-burning machine and show results in no time. In this routine, you will be working out five days a week and walking 10k steps every day for optimal results.

The program schedule is from Monday to Friday and five weeks long, as this is the optimal time to get the body used to this exercise program, trigger fat loss, and gain muscularity.

Each day, the routine will focus on a major body part to help burn calories and improve your health. You may institute a rest day (Sunday) into your routine and on Saturday, you may only walk 10k steps.

*** Note:

For the program to work, diet is KEY. You need to eat a clean and healthy diet as provided in the program. It’s important that you follow it strictly to maintain proper calorie intake to stimulate fat loss. You need to stay away from simple carbs and processed foods while on the program.

Learning Objectives

Mix of bodyweight strength training,
Animal Flow
Core exercises to build muscle


25 Lessons

1st week

Do exercise as shown in videos for 5 days
Day 100:36:35
Day 200:30:21
Day 300:29:11
Day 400:27:42
Day 500:34:49

2nd weeks

Do exercise as shown in videos for 5 days

3rd Week

Do exercise as shown in videos for 5 days

4th Week

Do exercise as shown in videos for 5 days

5th Week

Do exercise as shown in videos for 5 days

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25 lectures
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Material Includes

  • Recorded Videos per the plan for 5 weeks

Enrolment validity: 35 days

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