6 Month – One 2 One Motivational Fitness Program

Aman Sharma

About This Course

Motivational fitness programs are designed to help individuals who want to start a fitness journey for fat loss, lean muscle gain & any specific goal but lagging in motivation. This program is specially designed to workout one 2 one online workout sessions to help individuals to achieve their fitness goals along with me.

This program routine will be performed for 5 days in a week, along with diet and walk recommendations. There is a mix of strength, HIIT, Animal Flow and Core exercises used in this routine to work and build the muscles.



Learning Objectives

● Customized Diet Plan.
● Customized Workout Plan.
● One 2 One workout for 50-60 minutes in a day.
● Diet and Workout will be changed after 2 weeks.
● Connected Via WhatsApp/ Facetime / Zoom
● Body Weight Workout/ Dumbbells etc.
● Workout 5 days a week



Personal Training

You will personally get a message for class time and a link to join the class.

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Duration 120 hours
English Hindi

Material Includes

  • 5 days a week,
  • Diet Plan
  • Walk recommendations
  • Strength exercises
  • HIIT exercises
  • Animal Flow and Core exercises

Enrolment validity: 180 days

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